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London 2012

This post covers all the Olympic happenings that Ningning and I attended. Let’s start with our favorite images!

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

Sunday, August 12th, 2012
The Olympics close today. Only a few sporting events are in action. One was the men’s wrestling which we watched at the Excel centre. There were a few key matches which lead to the American Jake Varner win gold. First, the wrestling match which determined Varner’s opponent was between the Ukrainian ANDRIITSEV Valerii and the Iranian YAZDANI Reza Mohammad Ali. Yazdani started with a sore knee and Andriitsev made it worse in round 1. Yazdani was taken down hard and twisted the knee further. He laid out for a few minutes, the stretcher was brought onto the mat, and it appeared he was done. Not to be. The defending world champion got up and went on to wrestle in round 2! The crowd was fully behind him – but after another hard takedown he was done. Second, the match between Varner and the Georgian GOGSHELIDZE George was rather engaging… [Video: Final minute of the match] Jake Varner then went on and won gold. “Varner, a two-time NCAA champion at Iowa State, will also collect a $250,000 bonus from the Living the Dream Medal Fund that supports American wrestling. The 26-year-old wrestler trains with the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club at Penn State.”

>> View all photos captured during the Wrestling (Flickr)
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Thursday, August 9th, 2012
The USA women played Japan tonight in the Women’s Football Final at Wembley stadium. Fantastic stadium and a brilliantly played match. The USA ladies pulled off the win 2-1. Got to witness the medal ceremony and see the American flag raised. A great evening out with Ningning.

“Golden redemption belongs to the U.S. women’s soccer team after defeating Japan in the gold medal match at the London 2012 Olympics. For Abby Wambach and the U.S. women, the 2-1 win goes a long way toward erasing the stinging defeat to Japan in the final of the 2011 World Cup.”

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Monday, July 23rd, 2012
Ningning and I walked into town centre today and kicked off our memories of London 2012. We watched the torch pass through the city as it journey’s to Stratford and the Olympic Park – just 3 days away! Today was the 66th day of the torch’s UK journey. Our perch was at the corner of Katharine st. and Fell rd. Samsung, Coke, and Lloyds TSB (a bank) are Relay sponsors. Their trucks and people came through then the Torch Relay BMW 5 series appeared. We saw the Mayor of Croydon, Eddy Arram. Shortly after, the torch bearer came by all smiles. Lots of build-up, excitement, and a momentary glance of the torch. Worth it? For sure.

>> BBC Link to watch a video recap from day 66. Watch the torch relay through the North End shopping street.

>> Names and stories of all Croydon torch bearers

>> View all photos captured during the Torch Relay (Flickr)

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