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Ken Rosenthal on the Baltimore Orioles GM

Ken Rosenthal – who used to be the sports editor at the Baltimore Sun – wrote this article for Fox Sports. It is aptly titled “O’s need to start with a strong GM.”

The Orioles lead the majors in sideshows, whether announcing their separation from disgraced first baseman Rafael Palmeiro, conducting seances with right-field ghost Sammy Sosa or attempting to void the absurd contract that they gave right-hander Sidney Ponson. Their season has featured DUIs, B-12s and, after a promising start, plenty of “Ls.”
It’s time for someone to take responsibility.
Not the players, though accountability from Palmeiro, Sosa and Ponson certainly would be welcome.
No, the only one who can fix this mess is owner Peter Angelos, who invariably blames others for the franchise’s problems.
The Orioles need to end their inexcusable run of eight straight losing seasons at one of the sport’s great revenue-producing ballparks, Camden Yards. They need to hire a strong general manager as quickly as possible and invest him with authority. Otherwise, they will remain the sport’s biggest embarrassment, a sleeping giant that continues to snore.
Of course, initiating such a turnaround will be easier said than done under Angelos, who has presided over the franchise’s demise since taking control in 1993. But the Orioles’ stunning collapse — they’re 23-44 since the All-Star break, the third-worst record in the majors, after spending 62 consecutive days in first place during the first half — reflects the organization’s lack of direction.

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