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Merry Christmas!

Are the yearly ‘family Christmas update letters’ corny or captivating? Remember how around early December your mailbox would be stuffed with letters that recapped a family’s happenings in the past year? Quite possibly these letters are now extinct, replaced by people sharing every detail about daily happenings on social media. Well, my wife and I deactivated our Facebook accounts years ago and haven’t looked back; Twitter isn’t used (or useful) either. We prefer F2F communication, or maybe a video Skype call, or at worst a blog post.

So here goes – the Hall family 2016 update in Cliff notes form.

We’ve settled into Northern Virginia and love living here. We opted for space and privacy but still are just a 40 min drive to Wash. DC. Come visit and stay! All is well – we’ve made exceptionally good friends here and know this is HOME. Was great being abroad for a decade but lovely to be HOME. Reach out and let’s connect. Send your Skype details and let’s do a video Skype.

Merry Christmas… 圣诞快乐… с Рождеством Христовым… Frohe Weihnachten… メリークリスマス from the Hall family.

Hall Family - Merry Christmas!

Christmas Card 2016

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