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San Fran to LA via PCH 1

Point Dume

  • Week in San Francisco starting with a few nights @Union Square (JW Marriott) then a few nights at Fisherman’s Wharf (Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf)
  • Hired a car and drove across the bay to Oakland seeing Berkley and downtown. The day we were in Oakland was the day Trump was inaugurated. There were minor protests (a few people in the central square, that’s it) downtown. We walked through a few of the U Berkley buildings which we found a bit old and underwhelming.
  • Started our PCH Route 1 coastal tour in Monterrey. Stayed 2 nights (Marriott Monterrey) which allowed us to drive the 17 Mile drive, see around town, Lover’s Point, Pebble Beach, etc. The surf/tide was amazingly high and strong. So much that just a hour or so before we were on the beach a Chinese couple had been swept out to see. We saw the Coast Guard helicopter sweeping the beach for them – to no avail. The couple, traveling with their young son, had ignored their tour guides instruction and got on the rocks/too close to the shore. One was swept away and the other jumped in after. Both drowned. There was a heavy police presence around Lover’s Point. The local authority was closing off access to the point.
  • Our intent was to drive PCH 1 through Big Sur. That plan slipped away as the mud-slides overwhelmed the PCH just south of Big Sur. Don’t imagine a bit of mud on a highway – think boulders, rocks, dirt and mud, piled 15-20′ high across the highway!
  • We were able to get south into Big Sur before needing to turn around. The coast is beautiful -stunning beautiful.
  • Stayed a night in San Luis Obispo before heading further south to Los Angeles.
  • Went into LA via Beverly Hills and took a couple hours to wander around Rodeo drive. There is green space just north of Rodeo Dr. which was a nice place to let Vivi run and to stretch legs.
  • The highlight of the trip’s end was Disneyland! Vivi was looking forward to the park for weeks. She’s been to Disney World and now she has been to both USA Disney theme parks.
  • Traffic in LA is atrocious. Simply and utterly horrible. How people who live in LA deal with it is beyond me.

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