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White House Gardens

Got a neat opportunity today to tour the White House Gardens. For one weekend a year the White House opens their gardens in the fall. Our family went in the mid afternoon and loved seeing the White House up-close and seeing the Rose Garden, Jacqueline Kennedy garden, the Children’s garden, Kitchen garden and more. We literally were one of the last few out the gates and the tour felt personal and exclusive. At one point we handed over our phone for the guest to take our photo and his wife stated he’ll do a good job because he is a White House photographer. Very neat. The 14:30 tour, we think, might be the tour time when the staff/volunteers/White House staff get their tickets. Note that we stayed in the gardens for 1 to 1.5 hours. It is a walking tour, self-paced.

Enjoy the images and see more on Instagram #WHGarden.



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