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Yosemite National Park

Today’s weather is chance of rain and low 60’s. Off to Yosemite National Park today!

Started my day early. I left the San Fran bay area and took the 3 hour trek east across I-120 to Groveland then Yosemite. First stop was Groveland – a historic gold mining town. It is also home to “the famous- infamous Iron Door Saloon–said to be the oldest continuously operating saloon in California. Gold, water and Yosemite are responsible for this natural stopping off point on Highway 120 to a variety of vacation destinations.” There are a few pictures of town, below. The remaining 26 miles were twisty, mountain roads to the park’s entrance.
Take a look at the photos. The last one is a 4 image panaroma compilation! The online size doesn’t do it justice. I hiked up over the rocks to get that shot. Mighty impressive view!
Yosemite National Park Official Website
Park Photographs: Simple viewer | Postcard viewer
I left the park via 140. It is a little longer but also a little straighter. That path took me through Mariposa, CA. Dinner was had at the Charles Street Dinner House, 5043 Charles St. About the dinner house: “Ever since Ed Uebner moved here from Chicago to become the owner-chef in 1980, Charles Street has been firmly established as the classiest dinner joint in town — plus, it’s centrally located. The extensive menu, which won’t appeal to vegetarians, includes beef, chicken, pork, lamb, duck, and lobster.”
San Mateo was about 115 miles to the west. The rain finally started coming down hard as I neared the San Mateo bridge. Tomorrow I will take it easy, relax, and travel back to TPA.

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