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Sydney, Australia.

Sydney — the “Harbour City” — is my home for the next few weeks. I am here training a new Guidewire customer. What a beautiful, small, cosmopolitan city. Reminds me of a little London. The streets are aptly named – George St, Pitt St, Elizabeth St, etc. I’m finding the people warm. Who doesn’t love that British English accent?
This past weekend (9 Aug) I got out to Manly beach, Bondi beach, shopped on Pitt St and in the markets, walked all around the Botanical Gardens and around town (north to south and east to west). The main event was the Harbor Bridge climb. See photo’s and below.

Top 10 lists of things to do in Sydney…
List 1 | List 2 | WikiTravel for Sydney
Seems like climbing the harbor bridge is tops on many lists. That’ll be on my list for this weekend.
UPDATED: Bridge climb. Check. Take a look at the photos! See the bridge climb website.

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