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It is not goodbye

Adiós Sydney. The pleasure has been all mine getting to know you. In the past ~3 weeks I have been able to indulge in:
* Viewing the Opera house from all angles
* Harbor bridge climb
* Market shopping at Paddy’s
* Manly beach
* Bondi beach
* Shopping on Pitt St., George St., etc.
* Spending time on the water (ferries to and from all over)
* Trekking to and all over the Blue Mountains including seeing the Three Sisters
* Walking all over CBD and North Sydney
* Enjoying the great staff and facilities at the Sheraton/Westin Sydney
* Relaxing in the Sydney Botanic Gardens
* Taking in my first “footy” match – and watching a South Sydney upset!
* Traveling over to the Taronga Zoo
* Experiencing the Maritime Museum
* Eating fresh mussels and great dining on the wharfs and harbor fronts
* Meeting great people at the client and Guidewire Australia
I think that is it 🙂 This has been a great three weeks and I look forward to my AU return.

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