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MTC vs. Cingular

My phone, actually SIM card, PUKed out on me today…

Apparently SIM cards have two lock codes. They have a PIN and a PUK code. When the PIN fails a certain number of times it prompts you for the PUK code. Well, this morning mine asked for the PUK code but wouldn’t accept the one I had.
Off to the MTC store with Yulia (our translator). They said the SIM card had two many password attempts on it and was no longer valid. OK. They gave me a new SIM and all was well again.
Cingular? They easily would have charged $35 for a new SIM.
OH, and have I spoken about data services here? I have been using my Treo just like I do in the states to obtain my email. Cingular charges $50 / month for an unlimited plan. Here, I maybe use 5 rub a day for all my incoming and outgoing email! (That equates to about $6 a month.)

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  • 13 July 2007 at 03:15

    Pardon the stupidity, but what does MTC stand for? How can we get one in the US??
    Justin writes: MTC is a Russian mobile telecom company. Russia has three primary companies – that being, BeeLine, MTC and MegaPhone. MTC seems to have the best network. beeLine is cheap. I don’t know much about MegaPhone.
    Certainly would be nice to have a MTC in the US! But we are stuck with the Cingular’s, Verizon’s, Sprint/Nextel’s of the world…