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Futball with the Moscow kids

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am thinking about football – American style – what we’ve been playing Sunday afternoons in the states. And I’m missing it.

I call up Stas and Alexey and put together a futball game. First stop is the SportMart to buy a ball. Found a good sale and bought a good ball for 300 rub! Near Alexey’s flat is a school and “field.” Stones and dirt are the primary components of this futball field. But that’s totally OK today. Stas, Alexey and I start booting the ball around. Maybe 10 minutes later there is a group of 15+ kids aged probably 10-16 wanting to play. They have brought along “Uncle Peter” who acts as their coach/mentor. We get a game going and play for 2 hours. What a thrill! I couldn’t understand (most) anything they said and most of them couldn’t understand me. But we played ball. Awesome.

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