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Working and touring Moscow, Rugby Match

Worked a few hours in the AM. Chris – GW associate from the UK – has been in Moscow for a few weeks. We’ve been poor hosts and really haven’t showed him the city. Today that changed. He and I walked north to the Kremlin, saw the guard, walked up Treverskia st (past the $1000 / night Ritz)… Chris has never been on the metro so we had to ride! Figured I would show him a western style mall so we went to Mega. Everything is uneventful until we catch the bus from the metro to Mega. Russian’s have no idea what courtesy in queuing is all about. The bus pulls up and a crowd of 100+ people push and shove to surround the one entrance that the driver opens. Oh yea, that same entrance is where the 100+ people on the bus need to use to get off! It’s more pushing and shoving until the bus is packed. You literally can’t breath at times. And this is normal!
Watched the final Rugby match @ Rosies. South Africa beat England.

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