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Moscow Metro

One of our UK team members traveled back home and wrote regarding his experience with the London Underground… “I have just got off the underground and it felt as if it was all in slow motion compared to the metro. Everything the trains came into the station at a very sedate pace not the warp 5 of the metro speed between stations is designed not to offend unlike the nose bleed producing metro. The escalator for the first time I have caught myself saying can’t this thing go faster, I thought it might be broken but no the speed was probably calculated by a highly trained PC team unlike Moscow who seem to have the attitude of lets see what this baby can do.”
To which our trainer – having just arrived back in the US – responds… “That’s really funny – I’ve been having trouble re-adapting as well. I keep pushing and shoving people to get on to the escalators here and they just look at me like I’m being rude, can you imagine that?”

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