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It’s over.

I’m not good at saying goodbye’s but recently I have had lots of practice. My time in Moscow ends in 24 hours. What started as a few month project turned into an unforgettable year life experience. The people, the places, the experiences, the culture, the lessons… have all made saying goodbye difficult. I’m not ready to leave. What a year! What a great year! The last couple of days have seen the final skaladrome time, the final outing (paintball), the final restaurant outing (at my less than favorite Molly’s)… more “finals” then I wish to remember right now. But I’ll be back! This “place” is magical and I know I will return.
I spent a recent flight going through my 2,500+ Russia photographs. My top 80 got tagged and sorted and are displayed in the gallery below. You must see these pictures! They wholeheartedly recap 1 year in Russia. Looking at the gallery, you can count on one hand pictures without people/friends/colleagues in them. Russia is a vast and beautiful landscape with spectacular, world-renowned sites. However, the pictures I best like include people. I want to remember Russia not for what it looks like but who it is.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my RU friends who made 1 year in Moscow simply amazing. Thanks to you for reading the blog.
Signing off from Moscow, RU, for now.

Must See Top 80 Images from 1 Year in Russia:

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