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Edinburgh, Scotland

Since first visiting in 2004, I’ve dreamt of returning. This month I had the pleasure of revisiting Edinburgh with my wife! A dream come true. Called the Athens of the North, Edinburgh is charming and lovely.

Ningning and myself spent just 2 days touring here. We started on a bright, cool, clear day at the Castle. We followed the Royal Mile all day, jutting in and out of close’s, until we reached Parliament and Holyrood Park – a great overlook to where we had just walked. On day two we followed some out-of-the-way walking paths and ended on Princess street. It was cold and wet so our tour finished at the National Museum. Enjoy the photos and the 360 degree images below.
NEW! Compare Edinburgh in 2004 to how we viewed it in 2011. Scroll all the way down for a comparison collage and special video.

* Facebook photo album
* Watch the recap video (HD)

Sheraton Edinburgh Suite:

Holyrood Park:

Edinburgh Castle Views:

Amazing how the photographer’s eye does not change over time. I pulled up the 2004 images from Edinburgh and compared them to our 2011 visit. I was shocked at some of the duplicates! (and one or two, I admit, were taken to capture the memory as I remembered it years ago) Below is a video montage to compare and includes places only seen in 2004. The collage below shows the “before” and “after” images. Finally, note that in 2004 I shot with a Canon 1D and took along the 70-200L f2.8. This time we had a Canon 5d MKII with a f4.0 24-135L.

Edinburgh - then and now - first visited in 2004, returned in 2011.

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