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Stopin ‘long the highway – the Seward Highway!!

I was up at 6:15am. The day started at 7:00 w/ a breakfast at Gwennies Restaurant (Yelp) – “home of the 6 egg omelet.” I had their French toast. It was pretty good.

Took the Seward Highway to Turnagain Arm. Had many stops along the way.

Overlook: First stop. Stopped very close to the edge of the city. Saw some wildlife – birds. (Off in the distance, hard to tell what they are.)

Saw the flat tidal areas. Ground has much algae growing on it. Very swampy, dangerous.

Beluga Point: The tide was out so there was no chance to see a whale.

Went on out first bump road – known as a Dipsy-Do Road. Stopped to see Dall Sheep. These were just a Dall spot on the mountain. In AK when a group of cars are off to the side of the road – it is usually because they are viewing wildlife. It can cause a real traffic jam.

Saw areas of dead trees at the base of the Mts. Cause: The earthquake of ’63 caused the land to sink, then the salty sea water flooded the roots of the trees.

Portage Glacier: Most visited attraction in AK. Very clean glacier overall. Took a hike on one of the trails. Saw many flowers/trees – all stopped to identify – Kevin was a big help. Saw more on the road. At the visitor center we watched a multimedia presentation on glaciers.

Alyeska Ski Resort: The ski resort is owned by Japanese people. Cost something like 200 million dollars to build. Took their tram to the top – altitude is about 2700 ft above sea level. Climbed through the snow to get to the peak. Very cool view. Saw the ski lifts, glaciers and a small airstrip. Also saw the Bore Tides coming in around 3:00pm. View was cloudy only at the true peak of the adjacent Mts. Came down the Mt. To a snow ball fight. (Yes, in June!) Ray had already gone down – left Louise (wife) at the top! He was in the dog-house. Saw the lobby of the hotel – awesome – made of mahogany – expensive interior, nice displays (of bears).

Candle Shop: Nice people, gave “tour” of their products. Lots of candles. Small trailer. Left our “mark” (pin) on the map.

Dad saw a bear 1/3 up the Mt. We went a little way down the road turned around and came back. SAW A BLACK Bear! 1st black Bear of the TSU trip! Just caught a glimpse of him for about 10 seconds. It was incredible to watch all the cars stop to watch – just because we stopped. Further down we spotted 3 dall sheep. While watching we saw a 4th. The sheep was only about 50 feet away. Many climbed to get a good picture of it.

The Bird House: Enough said. A very unique bar. Has mementos from travelers all over the world – from business cards to underwear. Jodi left her mark – her bra. This is an Alaksa only type of place.

Potter Marsh: Uneventful – saw large King Salmon. Long boardwalk. All was getting tired.

Went to an Alaskan Baseball Game: College teams. Alaska Bucs vs. San Francisco. Got a drink/hot dog. Got into the park for free. Saw only 1 inning. ak Bucs won by a score of 4-1 but San F. Tried to make it exciting – had 2 out w/ runners on 2nd/3rd but the guy popped out. Let the kids go out onto the field to get autographs. Nice atmosphere. Take note MLB.

Back to the Westmark Hotel. Went to bed after the longest first day in the TSU trip history.

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