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Not Much Fun…Sick

Got up in the morning with a stomach ache. Felt a little sick but passed it off as nothing. Mistake. Had breakfast then went ahead and went with the group.

Gassed up the vans and left for the Seward Highway.

Matanuska River Valley: Very widespread, saw a dead moose calf.

Matanuska Glacier: This is a privately owned glacier. You have to pay to get in or else (it is rumored) that he will slash your tires. It is a long rocky road to the glacier. Glacier: covered by rocks/stones, varied sizes. Very Dirty – changes your views of the “pristine look” of the glaciers. It is not very slick. Has some small streams running through it. Closer to the “top” of the glacier is slick – there is little/no stones so you are walking on ice. I was too sick to go any farther so I went back.

Drove to a small store/cafe in Palmer. Sick, did not see it. Stayed in the van. Many of the group were concerned and bought me different medicines. It was great to see how nice they were. Later I threw up and felt better.

Small Alaskan farm. Nice folks. It was just a stand by the road. The old guy showed us his greenhouse full of tomato plants. Also showed some his bees. Got some AK honey ($5).

Musk Ox Farm: Sick, did not really enjoy it. Robyn got one of there hats. Supposed to be very warm. She liked it. (Made of the Musk Ox fur.) Got a tour of their facilities. Saw all the male/female/baby musk ox. Was Drizzling, not much fun.

Drove back to the hotel. I went to bed. Everybody else had the welcome dinner at the Sourdough Mining Restaurant.

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