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Today was our “free day” in Denali. Able to sleep in until 8:30 – nice change. Had the same breakfast – Bread & Jelly. Dad went and did Laundry. I went with the others…

Denali Tour: …We toured the first 17 miles of public access to the park. This is the only access road. Saw the changes in the vegetation. Close the entrance to the park we saw up close and personal a red fox. He/she was not scared of any of us. He/she was only about 10 yards. From us!! We took a short hike at milepoint 17 – over Indian head rock. We were back to the motel at noon. Had a piece of pizza for lunch then went on another hike.

Mt. Healy hike: Because we had to be back at 5:00 and it was 3:00 now, we had little time to hike the 5,059 ft. Mountain. We did the whole thing – round-trip – in 1 hour and 40 minutes (normally a 3+ hr. Hike). From the top we could view our motel – from the motel we could see the top! It was a great view. (It was a shame we were rushed.)

Dinner Theater: Excellent food (ribs and halibut). The atmosphere was great (down-home style). Good program/music as well. Complete Alaskan theme (of course).

Went back to the motel, packed to leave, caught up on my journal and went to bed.

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