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Back to Anchorage

Got up and got all the bags packed. Aunt Carola brought over breakfast. Had the bags out and we were on the road by like 8:30am. Weather is poor – it is raining.

Anchor Point: This was our first stop after leaving Homer. Anchor point is the most westerly point (that is accessible by a highway system) in the North American continent. The visibility was low so not much could be seen.

Russian Orthodox Church: The church is in the town of Ninilchik. We spent only a few minutes here. Not much to see or do. The actual church building is “basic” nothing fancy. There is a grave yard site next to the church.

Traveled past Kenai Lake. Even with the weather poor, many men/women were out fishing. Combat fishing that is. Stopped just for a minute so that I could videotape them.

Back to Alyeska: Many wanted to go back to Alyeska for bread, so we made that our lunch stop. Got a bowl of soup and sweet roll. All was good. Looked around at the Jade shop and gift shop. On our way back out to the main highway we stopped at the candle shop.

Kevin: At this point he is turning from naturalist to tourist! We finally converted him. He stopped to photograph a Deer Creek Realty sign then bought many gifts from the Jade & Candle shop!!

Anchorage: After checking into the hotel, Kevin took us to Borders Bookstore in Anchorage. Spent about 1 hr. Here before getting pizza and heading back to the motel. We repacked everything then went to bed.

Farewell Awards were presented…
At the Farewell Dinner Oliver (Van Moose) was chosen to present the “Farewell Awards.” These awards were a means to tease members of the group about something funny or crazy they had done. All awards were nominated by somebody in the group.

Michelle Losing her hat
Justin After the wet Raft ride, not a hair had moved!
Jay Boosting the Alaska Economy
Louise The 3rd set of Grandparents everybody wants
Beth The most “Nature Walks”
Oliver Driving the most miles of anyone
Carola Best hairdo
Greg Dr. Jekly/Mr. Hyde award (for his beard)
Kevin Using the most CB Air-Time!

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