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Merry Christmas!

Are the yearly ‘family Christmas update letters’ corny or captivating? Remember how around early December your mailbox would be stuffed with letters that recapped a family’s happenings in the past year? Quite possibly these letters are now extinct, replaced by people sharing every detail about daily happenings on social media. Well, my wife and I...Read More

Selecting our Christmas tree, UK

I grew up in a family where there was no alternative to having a live Christmas tree. (My parents own a Christmas Tree farm in Pennsylvania, USA.) Ningning and I are continuing on that tradition and today trekked to west London, Weybridge, and picked out our Nordman Fir Christmas tree. * Crockford Bridge Tree Farm,...Read More

Christmas 2010 in London, UK

Merry Christmas to you. Ningning and myself find ourselves in London, England this Christmas season. We said goodbye to Japan earlier this month and are making a home in the UK. Yesterday and today we went exploring downtown London. Saw the best poster on a bus stop in Central London! Stroll through the images and...Read More

Russia Christmas – the tree is now up!

Christmas Day (American) is just hours away. New Years is approaching in a week. Christmas Day, 7 Jan, (Russian) is around the corner. As the holiday’s approach please reflect back on your 2007. How have you impacted the world? What improvements to other’s lives have you brought? Have you improved yourself and those around you?...Read More

Christmas Reflection

Just days remain until 2008. This Christmas and Holiday season reflect back on your year. What lives have you changed? How have you impacted the world? Have you improved your life or lives around you? 2008 is here, what will we do with it? Make this holiday season the best ever. Remember why Christmas is...Read More