After San Francisco, we traveled to Atlanta in search of houses. Our search was focused around John’s Creek area. We found many lovely houses – all which would be perfect for our family. However, in the end, we have settled on Washington, DC as our…

San Francisco

Traveled to the Guidewire user conference, Connections, in San Francisco. Was able to have the family come along. Ningning and Vivian enjoyed their days roaming the parks around downtown San Fran while I worked. This was the first of 3 USA cities – Atlanta and…

Cambridge, UK

Did a daytrip to Cambridge today visiting with Akiko, Jonathan and JoJo. Vivi adores JoJo and the two of them get along great. It was Ningning’s parents first visit to Cambridge. Driving wasn’t so bad – about 1hr 45 each way using the Dartmoth crossing/bridge….

Vivian Photo Gallery 2014

Vivian is a growing girl. In 2014 she has learned to walk and talk and has personality galore. The gallery directly below is updated with favorite images as we go through 2014. At the bottom, Vivi gets dressed up in a red Chinese outfit. Montage…

Our Family Christmas in London

From our family to yours – have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Interested in older Christmas posts? View all Christmas postings. * View all Flickr Images in their native resolution

Vivi turns 1!

Vivian Nora turned 1 this week. The 24th was the actual birthday but we celebrated all week. Had the grandparents over from America and enjoyed their company in London, Brighton and around town. On Sunday, we dedicated Vivi at Harvest. A great way to end…

Brighton, UK

Day out with the grandparents in Brighton, UK. * View all Flickr Images in their native resolution The last time we visited Brighton it was just Ningning and myself. * View all Flickr Images from that prior trip (You need to be a Flickr family…

San Francisco 2013

My company (GWRE) brings together all professional services employees once a year. The whole family traveled with me to San Francisco, CA, USA for a week of meetings and family time. Got to connect again with Toshi (from Japan) and many co-workers which I only…

Vivian on the move!

Vivian is now a crawling and toddling little girl. Yes, calling it walking might be an extreme. But she is really close! * Youtube link to the video

Florida Summer ’13

Traveled back to Florida, USA to see family and friends. Vivian got to play with gma and the great grandparents! * View all the Images in their native resolution