Edinburgh, Scotland

Since first visiting in 2004, I’ve dreamt of returning. This month I had the pleasure of revisiting Edinburgh with my wife! A dream come true. Called the Athens of the North, Edinburgh is charming and lovely. Ningning and myself spent just 2 days touring here….

Kissing through the UK and Scotland

Mom and dad traveled the UK and Scotland – kissing! View the photo set to see where they visited… and kissed. View the full set on Flickr

Edinburgh Castle

Today we venture out to see the Edinburgh Castle. (1217-1357) After all, this is the premiere destination in Edinburgh.

St. John’s cathedral for church then Edinburgh’s royal mile

Sheraton’s executive lounge provides breakfast. Since this is Sunday we find our way to St. John’s cathedral and observe their service. It’s a choral matins service. Best described, this service is a singing rendition of old-time catholic aphorisms.