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Russian Memories, Denis Visits

Was fantastic having Denis T. visit us this past weekend. It has been multiple years since I was last in Russia and Denis had never physically met the family. Spent some time in Alexandria and Washington DC along with just sitting and playing with the girls. A neat time to reconnect!

Russia Revisited

One of Guidewire’s customers in Russia needed some extra help for a week. I jumped at the opportunity to go help them – and revisit Russia where I had lived several years back. The visit allowed me to travel the metro (famed for its architecture) and meet up with old friends. The city had definitely...Read More

Moscow Kremlin in the Winter

Our GW trainer is in Moscow this week. We took him – and Bill, Natasha, and Chris – to the Kremlin. Saw the Armory museum and then all the churches. The Kremlin in winter is quite different, yet equally beautiful, as the summer sites/sounds. View images in Slideshow viewer View images in Postcard viewer View...Read More

Russia Christmas – the tree is now up!

Christmas Day (American) is just hours away. New Years is approaching in a week. Christmas Day, 7 Jan, (Russian) is around the corner. As the holiday’s approach please reflect back on your 2007. How have you impacted the world? What improvements to other’s lives have you brought? Have you improved yourself and those around you?...Read More

Working and touring Moscow, Rugby Match

Worked a few hours in the AM. Chris – GW associate from the UK – has been in Moscow for a few weeks. We’ve been poor hosts and really haven’t showed him the city. Today that changed. He and I walked north to the Kremlin, saw the guard, walked up Treverskia st (past the $1000...Read More

MSU Tower Tour

Stas’s mom is the adviser to minister of Ecology. Inna secured us a visit atop the Moscow State University Stalin tower! What a thrill beyond words that money couldn’t buy! View images in Slideshow viewer View images in Postcard viewer View images in Album viewer Stas and I started by going to the science conference....Read More

Dubna – Anna/Nick’s Dacha

It’s snowing. Yep, this early in the season the snow is falling. We lounge around early then take a local train to the city. Local trains are SO different from the Express! First, it is great because we stop frequently and see the villages. Second, the seats are terrible compared to an Express. And the...Read More

Dubna – Anna/Nick’s Dacha

Anna is a RGS associate that we work with. Her husband, herself and I had dinner a few weeks back. They are quite an interesting and lovely couple. They invited Stas and I to their Dacha in Dubna. Yep, Dubna two weekends in a row! We head out on the Express from Moscow. At just...Read More