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Horodok, Ukraine 2010

A ministry team from Calvary, Clearwater, Florida, hosted an ESL class in Horodok, Ukraine. Watch to see how the team interacted with the Ukraine students. Enjoy seeing the hands-on leadership, training, spiritual training, and fun that our team provided. Hear the songs, watch the sign-language, and relive part of the July 2010 trip. All provided...Read More

Ukraine 2009 Recap and Photo Journal

UPDATE. I’ve returned from the Ukraine trip. In the span of about 10 days, went to Kiev, L’viv, Ukraine, Horodok, Ukraine, and the Carpathian Mountains. Was spectacular to see everybody again – both the team from the US and more importantly, Vitally/Lubimor and my other UA friends. Thanks for the good times! Read the team’s...Read More

Ukraine Trip 2008 Recap

Spent the last week in L’viv, Ukraine and Horodok, Ukraine, and the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine. Photo set is included below (password required!). More writeup to come later. View images in Slideshow viewer View images in Postcard viewer View images in Album viewer