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Wedding – Justin Ningning

Tokyo Wedding Party

Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. 24 April 2010. Thank you for rising to the 44th floor and celebrating our marriage. Below find a photo gallery recapping the evening and a video with guest greetings. All photos are Copyright (c) 2010 Hall. * View all Flickr Images in their native resolution


Ningning and myself traveled to Honolulu (Oahu island) to be married. Pastor Lovett performed the ceremony on Waikiki Beach. We were married at 9:15am today! OUR STORY Born worlds apart and brought together in a world away. Ningning (Shanghai, China) and Justin (Pennsylvania, USA) met in Tokyo, Japan. It started innocently enough at a leadership...Read More

I’m getting married!

Yes, I have finally found the girl… my true love… Ningning and myself will be officially married on 20 March in Hawaii. Ceremonies/parties in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Florida will follow throughout 2010. Please see our wedding website for full details. What’s the 1+1=1 all about? View the wedding website. Ningning and Justin Hall Present…