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Horodok, Ukraine 2010

A ministry team from Calvary, Clearwater, Florida, hosted an ESL class in Horodok, Ukraine. Watch to see how the team interacted with the Ukraine students. Enjoy seeing the hands-on leadership, training, spiritual training, and fun that our team provided. Hear the songs, watch the sign-language, and relive part of the July 2010 trip. All provided...Read More


Ningning and myself traveled to Honolulu (Oahu island) to be married. Pastor Lovett performed the ceremony on Waikiki Beach. We were married at 9:15am today! OUR STORY Born worlds apart and brought together in a world away. Ningning (Shanghai, China) and Justin (Pennsylvania, USA) met in Tokyo, Japan. It started innocently enough at a leadership...Read More

Touring around New Orleans, LA

It’s Thanksgiving and I am capturing thoughts from the last few days. First, and foremost, we are all VERY thankful for what we have. After seeing the destruction in this city we have become appreciative of all the small things. Known for the complete destruction caused by a levee breach, the Ninth Ward in Jefforson...Read More