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Up a little later than normal – about 9:00am – breakfast was usual – had it at Aunt Carola/Robyn’s room. Dad and Granddad are still at Barrow. Toured the U.A.F. Museum: (U.A.F. = University of Alaska in Fairbanks). Museum was really good. Heard a multimedia presentation on the people and ways of life of Alaska’s...Read More

Arctic Circle

Got up a little bit later today. Dad and Granddad are heading to Barrow this morning. They will spend the night. Me and the others are getting ready to goto the Arctic Circle. It is a 376 mile trip over dirt/gravel roads. Dad & Granddad & 5+ others went to the airport. The rest of...Read More

Denali National Park

Up real early today. Packed our bags (had to check out of motel) and went to Denali. Our tickets had been issued for yesterday then updated (via computer) for today. When we got to the park they did not know the dates had been changed. Jay had to work to get us on the bus....Read More


Today was our “free day” in Denali. Able to sleep in until 8:30 – nice change. Had the same breakfast – Bread & Jelly. Dad went and did Laundry. I went with the others… Denali Tour: …We toured the first 17 miles of public access to the park. This is the only access road. Saw...Read More

First Glimpse of Mt. McKinley

This was our last morning in Anchorage. It was a chore to get packed and ready by departure time. We had Robyn, Carola, Granddad all in our room for breakfast. Had pancakes, toast, and O.J. Then we left for Denali. Eklutna Village: This was our first stop of the day, just 30 minutes from Anchorage....Read More

Resurection Bay Boat Ride

Was up at 5:00am – out to the vans by 6:00am. (Granddad called the room at 6:00am and wanted to know when he was supposed to be outside! He was 20 minutes late.) Weather is OK. Cloudy but no rain. I am feeling much better. I am still waiting for the mosquito bites on my...Read More

Not Much Fun…Sick

Got up in the morning with a stomach ache. Felt a little sick but passed it off as nothing. Mistake. Had breakfast then went ahead and went with the group. Gassed up the vans and left for the Seward Highway. Matanuska River Valley: Very widespread, saw a dead moose calf. Matanuska Glacier: This is a...Read More

Stopin ‘long the highway – the Seward Highway!!

I was up at 6:15am. The day started at 7:00 w/ a breakfast at Gwennies Restaurant (Yelp) – “home of the 6 egg omelet.” I had their French toast. It was pretty good. Took the Seward Highway to Turnagain Arm. Had many stops along the way. Overlook: First stop. Stopped very close to the edge...Read More

We Are Here, Finally!

Got up at 4:30am. Weather is very dreary, cloudy, rainy. We drove to BWI and caught the Delta Flights to Cincinnati then to Salt Lake City, Utah. From Utah we took the 4 and 1/2 hour flight into Anchorage. (It was great seeing all the other members of the group again. Everybody seemed dead tired.)...Read More