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About Justin Hall

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Strategic Leader, Strong Teams, Exceptional Results

Justin is an experienced, results focused, strategic leader who builds strong global teams. Has made a career of partnering with C-level executives to transform their vision into successful IT programs.

A team builder who leads with a servant’s heart, who values culture, and who consistently cares for people and profitability. A problem solver who finds mutual purpose in nearly all situations. A rational decision maker with deep hands-on tech experience and an entrepreneurial work ethic that will empower your team.

A Recommendation

“There are many characteristics of Justin’s way of working (and living) that I really see as inspirational. He has a clear VISION of his life (not limited to just work), he is able to MOTIVATE the people surrounding him (not just the ones working for him), he is always available to SUPPORT you (it is a standard question from him “how can I help you?”), he has a great CREATIVITY that uses even to solve difficult situations, he is TAKING RISKS when necessary (I will always remember his quote “sometimes is better to ask for forgiveness that to ask for permission”), he is a great TEAM BUILDER having always as a first priority the team improvement and motivation and he is always looking how to IMPROVE himself.

In addition to inspiring me just for the way he is (a lot of time when I am facing a difficult situation I ask myself “what would Justin do in this same situation?”), he is also a great mentor, willing to listen and to give suggestions, or just his view. I believe Justin is one of the greatest asset of Guidewire.” -Massimo Lupi


I love my family more than anything; “the job” is second priority but it gets 110% effort. Living/working in Japan even lead me to meet my wife, Chloe. I’ve a passion for American Baseball. Football (soccer for the American/Japanese audience) is truly the international sport and spans language and cultural barriers. Since living in London I have played some cricket and enjoy a good match.


The past decade+ has been spent abroad – working in Moscow/Russia, Sydney/Australia, Tokyo/Japan and London/UK. My love for travel started in 1995 with a family trip to Alaska.



My wife, Chloe, and I met in Japan. Our first home together was in London/England. Married in 2010, we bought a Victorian period conversion flat in Surrey / London. In 2016 we moved back to America residing just outside of Washington, D.C.



You will find this blog is a photo journey around the world. Photo, video and media is a hobby and another passion. My wife and I love to travel and to document our trips with the Canon 5d MKII – an amazing photo/HD video unit. We also love capturing 360 degree panoramas.



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