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Surrey Lavender Fields

Surrey Lavender Fields

Updated for 2014! We’ve been going to the Mayfield Lavender farm every year since moving to Surrey/South London. The farm kindly allows you to picnic and wonder the fields. And beautiful they are. Our first visit was when Ningning was pregnant with Vivian. This year Vivi wondered all over rubbing the lavender onto her hands and smelling them.

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2013. Seems the Mayfield Lavender farm is becoming a yearly July visit for our family. We first found the place in 2012 while living in Surrey, UK. Ningning was 7 months pregnant on our first visit. One year later, almost to the day!, we stopped back by the lavender farm this year with Vivian in tow. The day was very sunny and warm, not your typical British summer. Captured some lovely pictures. Scroll down to see the 2012 pictures and 360.

All Images Copyright (c) 2013 Hall.

All Images Copyright (c) 2013 Hall.

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— The below is the original post made on 15 July 2012. —

Took a ride to Banstead and to the Mayfield Lavender Field. Was the first sunny and beautiful day in a week – got out the camera and captured some lovely images of Ningning now 7 months pregnant!

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