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David Vice captured

They caught him. David Vice of 520 Cypress View Drive was captured last night. Read these articles about the Oldsmar terror and his arrest.


Lisa Vice neatly packed her husband’s black suit, shaving kit, sweat shirt and socks in a suitcase Thursday night knowing full well this may be the last time she would see him alive.

“I think he thought, “If I do all these things, they’ll shoot me for sure,”‘ she said Sunday in the living room of her home in Oldsmar.

Instead of going to Atlanta to make a presentation for Cingular Wireless, as he told his wife he would, David P. Vice terrorized the city of Oldsmar on Friday by planting letters with white powder in neighbors’ mailboxes, placing a fake hand grenade at a post office and placing a suspicious package at a nearby rental car company, authorities say.

The 41-year-old was captured Saturday night in the back yard of his home at 520 Cypress View Drive. He’s charged with knowingly manufacturing a hoax weapon of mass destruction, and was held without bail.





OLDSMAR – First a neighborhood was terrorized. Then the whole town.

It began with a letter in the homeowner association president’s mailbox about 8:15 a.m.

“BOOM. Wait until Sunday. You haven’t seen anything yet,” said the letter, in an envelope filled with white powder.

Then came a series of alarming calls that sent authorities scrambling across Oldsmar all day: a suspicious package at a nearby car rental company, a possible explosive device in a room at the Holiday Inn Express, a reported hand grenade attached to a mailbox at an Oldsmar post office.

“It was total chaos,” said Oldsmar Mayor Jerry Beverland.

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