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A month of first’s

02 October – first time out and first car ride since coming home from the hospital.
03 October – first walk into town centre.
04 October – first bath. (and photo shoot afterwards!)
05 October – first walk to the park and use of the Baby Bajorn. Also the first time daddy dressed Vivi in her outside wear, wrong side facing.
07 October – first church service. She slept through it soundly! Afterwards we went to Win Yip for lunch.
08 October – discharge day from the midwives. Thus, first day without midwife care around her. Vivi weighed 3.12kg at this appointment.
10 October – had her first hearing test appointment at Croydon University hospital. They checked both ears using an echo technique and said both were clear. She has no excuse not hearing mommy and daddy now! Vivian was really relaxed and did well during the test.
11 October – first time at IKEA! IKEA was celebrating 25 years in the UK by handing out gift cards and food. All of which Vivi slept through.
13 October – Vivian and mum had the afternoon and early evening by themselves. First time dad went away for several hours.
16 October – visited her first National Trust site in the UK. We went into “proper” Surrey to register her birth (good ole Croydon/the Post lost her registration by declaration forms) and then went to Clandon Park.
18 October – saw the Chinese grandparents for the first time! Gma/gdad flew into Heathrow and arrived to the house by 8:30pm. Vivian had just fallen asleep. Of course, the occasion required her to be woken!
20 October – had a little friend over. Jonathon and Akiko visited from Cambridge. We indulged in a Chinese lunch and then tea/coffee while chatting. Their boy, “JJII”, and Vivian got some photos together.
21 October – first time seeing Tilly (Ian & Danni’s little girl). Tilly and Vivian were born in the same hospital room and their mum’s stayed in the same Epsom Hospital suite post-birth!
22 October – first time baby was without daddy all day. (But was in good hands with mum and the gparents.) Daddy went back to work today.
24 October – so many first’s today! First time on a train… and tube… and bus. First time in London City. First time at the American embassy. And first day as an official American citizen! Today we traveled (early) to London City and had our consulate appointment for USA birth registration, passport and SSN card. All went well. Vivian traveled super well and the appointment went as planned. She should have her USA passport in 3-4 weeks. Yeah!
25 October – first nappy change by the grandparents. First time in the “secret garden” park near our flat.
31 October – first time weighing over 4kg. She’s a growing girl!

…and that wraps up the month of October.

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

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  • 2 November 2012 at 03:23
    Patrick Hall

    Congratulations to mommy and daddy! Baby Vivian is gorgeous! I enjoyed reading about all of her firsts! Thanks for sharing the good news! Cousin Patrick