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Unlocking Phones and Modems – Blackberry 8707v, Huawei E585

Needed to unlock an old BB 8707v. Many sites want you to pay a few dollars or GBP. I found a way to do it for free using the MEP method. Note this applies to phones running 4.x of the BB software.

BlackBerry SIM Unlock Procedure for devices running 4.x handheld software
0) Generate your unlock code using software found on this forum. Download and install the software. Enter your IMEI number and MEP code – which you can find both using these procedures. The software will spew out your unlock code to use in step 5.
1) Turn off the wireless radio.
2) In the device Options, go to Advanced Options, click SIM Card. (Have your new SIM installed and it is ok if the phone shows invalid SIM)
3) Press Alt + MEPD
4) Press Alt + MEP2
5) Enter the unlock code (e.g. 2051018481842836).
6) Press Enter
7) Reboot the device

Hope this helps someone!

Need to SIM unlock an E585? This link might help.

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