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Polesden Lacey

“Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Surrey Hills, Polesden Lacey is the ideal space for relaxing with friends and family. Mrs Greville, an ambitious Edwardian hostess, chose Polesden as the idea place for entertaining and relaxing with friends, such as King George VI and the Queen Mother.” And this is what we did, 100 years on. Read more from the National Trust site…

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

All Images Copyright (c) 2012 Hall.

* An episode of itv’s Miss Marple was filmed here. Read about the filming from Surrey Life.

* We went back to Polesden Lacey on 13 Sept 2014 with Ningning’s parents. There was an accident in the car park right as we were leaving. Read the news article RE: Elderly woman hospitalised after crash at Polesden Lacey estate. “The driver of the car suffered a medical condition and reversed into a group of other cars, causing a person in one of them to get stuck in the vehicle. Firefighters from Leatherhead station were called to the car park of the Bookham National Trust site to rescue the trapped person.”

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