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Panama City Beach

Back to Panama City Beach, Florida working for SallieMae. This week was to be production – it’s delayed a few days due to system issues. Stress time! And perfect time for Perot to send out stress busting tips. Here goes.

Engage in some type of physical activity every day–walk, swim, ride a bike or jog. Let exercise be a way to release the tension in your body. Three 10-minute walks during the day are equivalent to a straight 30 minute walk, according to experts. If you can’t spare 1/2 hour at one time, break it down into increments that are easier.

Get at least 7 hrs of sleep each day. If you are unable to do this, perhaps it’s time to take a look at tasks that can be honed or cut back. Sleep is critical. Are all of your tasks as critical?

Take time for yourself and do something that helps you relax such as listening to music, reading, spending quality time with your family or friends, meditation or prayer, watching “feel good” movies, etc.

Change the way you respond to situations. Instead of a negative response, try to frame your responses in a way that doesn’t put the other person in a defensive mode. Choose to be positive. This will save stress for you both.

Try to eat a well balanced diet and try not to skip meals.

Set realistic goals at work and home. Learn to say “no”. Avoid promising to do too much. Schedule your time realistically. Avoid trying to squeeze more into your day than you can actually complete.

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