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Dallas All-Hands Meeting

Perot Systems held the consulting group’s first all-hands meeting in Dallas Friday and Saturday.
Justin stands beside a photo of Ross Sr. while touring the Plano campus. An associate snapped this photo with a camera phone. See any resemblance?

All day meetings Friday and Saturday morning have me quite tired. Was able to make an earlier flight returning to TPA. I told a colleague that I was going to tell the gate agent “I want to leverage your stand-by list – the value proposition for you is an extra seat on your later flight – and it will create synergy for me as I get home earlier.” Yes, I heard way too many terms this weekend!
Mark Mayfield, the Corporate Comedian, was brought in Friday night. His stress relief routine was awesome. He talked travel, kids and more. Definitely an enjoyable evening. Take away items: look at everything with a different perspective. You can find humor in anything and everything!

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