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Copenhagen, Denmark

The 21:58 has just departed ├śrestad station en-route to Lund C where we change trains to a Stockholm bound sleeper train. But let’s rewind and recap the beautiful city of Copenhagen before describing the train ride here.

We adored Copenhagen. Arguably, it was the prettiest city this summer. Why? The canals are lined with colorful, decorative buildings with grand floating sailboats, ships and boats in the water. The city feels walkable yet not too small – after 3 days we felt there was still more to explore. Green space abounds. And there was a noticeable small number of tourists. Prices were aligned with other major cities like London, Rome and Tokyo. The charm, beauty, variety and lovely weather turned Copenhagen into my (our) favorite summer destination.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark [] 1/1000 sec at f/9.0

The Crowne Plaza, ├śrestad, sits just outside the city, near the airport, and was our hotel of choice (burned some IHG points which turned out to be real good value). Metro and trains are a 5 minute walk away. Someday they will have a rear exit open which will cut that time in half. The overground line is just one-stop to CPH central station (near Tivoli) and about 6 metro stops to central downtown Copenhagen (for the center of town, palaces, etc). No need for airport transfer tickets and costs – the hotel provides a complimentary shuttle. Look for the bus outside Terminal 2. Staff treated us really well and allowed an early check-in complimented with all types of good info about the city. Thanks, Gemma! Buy your rail/metro tickets from the hotel as they are cheaper unless doing a multi day pass. Our room was clean and comfortable. Actually, it reminded us of our Shinjuku, Tokyo flat – modern, simple design and large windows looking towards the ocean. Make use of the hotel’s alliance with Fitness DK at the next door Fields mall, 2nd floor. The fitness center (free passes are available by asking at the front desk – thanks to Flyertalk for alerting us to this fact) has a great steam room and sauna and quality workout equipment. Remember guys, use the Herrer entrance and ladies the Dames entrance is for you. Fields is ‘just another western mall’.

By chance, we happened upon the Parliament building and found their tower was free to visit. Two different lifts take you up about 7 floors where you have an open air 360 degree view to Copenhagen.

Panorama Copenhagen

The weather while we were in-town was perfect. Sunny days with temps about 20 deg C. That allowed us to stroll all over. We took in the canal and dining at Nyhavn, Amalienborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle, Church of Our Lady, the Little Mermaid, Freetown Christiania and more. We strolled along the canals and took the canal cruise from Nyhavn location (a bargain at 40DEK). One night we had dinner at Tivoli while admiring the lights. On further reflection, we would skip Tivoli and eat at a restaurant which overlooks the garden. Seeing the mermaid is a must-do attraction but be prepared for an onslaught of Chinese tourists. While near the mermaid statue, which by the way has been de-armed, defaced, pushed off the rock, had a bra painted on and more, stroll through the adjoining green space. There is a picture perfect windmill and military buildings being renovated. It’s quite pretty. My wife found plenty of wool shops to visit. Read her blog for more information.

Camera Roll-1088

The first meal was the most classic and probably a bit touristy. We had herring on brown bread prepared three different ways. Our other portion was beef tenderloin and salad on an open face sandwich. All this while looking onto the canal at Nyhavn (think vivid colorful buildings full of character). We recommend the herring but remember what you pay 100DEK for in the restaurant can be had for about 15DEK in the market. Brine’d and curried herring is super cheap, we later learned. We felt peckish one night and ended up at an Eastern European restaurant near Tivoli for a dinner buffet. The food was good, we got our meat fix, and we got a view into Tivoli (thus our recommendation to skip Tivoli and dine next to it where you can see in).

Our photos and panoramas tell the story better then words. Have a browse below. You’ll also see a HD video as we cruised the beautiful Nyhavn canal. Now onto Stockholm via the overnight sleeper train.



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