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Ride-A-Long with Officer 523

Tonight I did a ride-a-long with Officer 523 of Clwr PD. The evening is clear but cold.

Here is what we saw:
– stopped a guy for excessive speed
– backed up another officer on a DUI stop
– was second on-scene when CPD caught up with an individual suspected of domestic violence. Turns out the poor guy was the victim. His 350+ pound girlfriend had ‘whupped his a$$’.
– made another traffic stop on a guy with a suspended license. Make sure when you change insurance carriers that they don’t suspend your license! This happens quite frequently, says the officer I am riding along with.
– patrolled several high drug areas. As we were stopped and watching one area this driver rolls through the stop sign nearly hitting a pedestrian. When 523 rolls up beside him and lights him up we get the “full dear in the headlights” look!
– stopped a female white suspected of drug activity. She had a warrent so arrest was made; she also had a pipe on her possession. Tonight she didn’t feel like cooperating.
– on the way to county jail with the female, 523 runs the tag on a vehicle. It’s driver is wanted for multiple theft and forgery charges. Two other CPD officers intercept the vehicle, arrest the driver and impound the vehicle.
– patrolling a high drug hang-out spot, we see a male black that has been loitering there all night. Contact is made with him – and his two cronies. The situation is cleared and their party is broken up. Literally.
– driving around, 523 spots a male white sitting next to a trash can on a residential street. We circle back and check out his story. He’s also wanted on a warrent. Back to county jail with him.
It’s almost time for the shift change. The officer has some paperwork to finish then he is done for the night. Two arrests, 1 warrant assist, multiple citations, and drug area’s patrolled. Not a bad night!

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