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Greenwich, London, UK

Visited “the home of time,” Greenwich, UK today. East of London sits this masterpiece of time (the Meridian line) and space (massive green space sitting below the Royal observatory) and history (at the National Maritime Museum).

Welcome to Greenwich, home to a World Heritage Site, Europe’s most successful entertainment arena, Britain’s first urban cable car, London’s oldest Royal Park and the place where hemispheres meet. Internationally recognised as the home of time, Greenwich is also where to find the Prime Meridian of the World. Every place on Earth is measured from here.

We started by walking around the Greenwich Market and seeing the Cutty Sark. Next up was The National Maritime Museum. Tried to see the Queen’s House but a wedding was in progress. Time ran out before we could get to the Old Royal Naval College.


We finished the day at Wagamama / Canary Wharf. Vivian was impressed with her own “espresso”. (Not really, just a hot milk drink they make for kids. She loves her ‘fluffy’ milk at home and this was no different, just posher.)

Vivian enjoys her Espresso. (hot milk drink!)

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