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Russia Revisited

One of Guidewire’s customers in Russia needed some extra help for a week. I jumped at the opportunity to go help them – and revisit Russia where I had lived several years back. The visit allowed me to travel the metro (famed for its architecture) and meet up with old friends.

Kremlin - Moscow

The city had definitely changed. I found it less hospitable then before. Prices also had risen and the quality, especially food, was worse then before. Or had my perspective been changed after living in Tokyo and London? I’ll return again if the opportunity exists but short trips, only.

Thanks to Stas and Денис/Denis for catching-up! You and your families made the trip!

Russia: Justin with Denis and Family

Editors note: This post was written in October. Since then, the ruble collapsed losing >50% value by end of 2014. Inflation was over 10% in Dec and Putin is having trouble controlling the downfall.

Russian ruble collapse 2014

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