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CREDITLogistics launches Dealer Financial Services Portal

The Atlanta based CREDITLogistics finally released their Dealer Financial Services Portal. This is a company I consulted with while working at Perot.

CREDITLogistics launches Dealer Financial Services Portal
ATLANTA, GA, July 31, 2006 – CREDITLogistics, an affiliate of CompuCredit Corporation (NASDAQ: CCRT), today announced the release of Dealer Financial Services Portal (DFSP), a hosted, real-time, web-based solution that serves as a link between lenders and businesses who need financing options for their customers.
“The launch of DFSP is a strategic milestone for our company,” commented Bobby Lanier, Chief Operating Officer of CREDITLogistics. “Through the configurable real-time decisioning engine DFSP provides, we can implement customized credit risk rules for businesses across many industries. From power sports to automobile dealerships, we can offer a wide range of instant credit solutions to increase sales where traditional financing is difficult or not possible.”
DFSP creates substantial growth opportunities for lenders by taking them into markets and dealerships where they do not yet have a presence. Dealers benefit through increased approval rates enabled by multiple lenders spanning the consumer credit risk spectrum. By leveraging CREDITLogistics’ hosted portal, customer service and operations, businesses can maximize sales and focus on their core business.
Scheduled with the launch of DFSP is CAR Financial Services’ (www.carfinancial.com) Dealer Select Advance program, an online loan origination system for the Buy Here, Pay Here automobile market. CAR Financial Services selected DFSP to provide credit solutions for large independent and select franchise automobile dealerships. Rick Potter, President of CAR Financial Services, said, “DFSP delivers a platform to offer instant credit options to automobile dealers who’ve had difficulty getting lower credit score deals financed in the past. It also creates easy access to a new market for many dealers by minimizing the need for a dealer to establish its own internal decision and service resources to work in that market.”
CREDITLogistics provides end-to-end credit and consumer lending solutions for businesses who want to extend credit to consumers and small businesses or who want to improve their current consumer lending operations. We leverage our loan origination Dealer Financial Services Portal and integrated fulfillment systems to help businesses develop in areas they are not in today. For more information about CREDITLogistics, visit www.CREDITLogistics.com.

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