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SCUBA – Checkout dives 1-3 Today

My first 3 SCUBA checkout dives were completed today. The dive log is here. Pictures are now included!

Went out about 6.4 miles from the Clearwater coast. The dives were on the Clearwater artificial reef, Clearwater C Site. We left the marina at 8:00 am.
GPS Nav: N28 00.858 W82 53.569
Google Map: View Map
List of Artificial reef sites in Pinellas County
Pinellas County Utilities’ Reef Guide
Dive 1, 21 minutes, depth of 28′
Dive 2, 28 minutes, depth of 28′
Dive 3, 27 minutes, depth of 28′
My first dive (ever in open water) was quite interesting. The air inflator tube on the BC came lose. My BC couldn’t perform it’s one function of inflating/deflating and controlling bouyancy! It wasn’t all that bad. Our training taught us to be panic proof. I got back to the surface and got the tube connected and latched again.
There are two sets of pictures in two formats…
Underwater Pics: Simple viewer | Postcard viewer
Boat and Surface Pics: Simple viewer | Postcard viewer

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