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Disney – Dolphin hotel and Epcot

Took the weekend off and went to Disney. Stayed over at the Dolphin hotel and went to Epcot.

Thanks to SPG, stayed on some points for the hotel. Got upgraded to a suite overlooking the water. MLB is holding their winter meetings here. There is MLB stuff plastered all over the hotel. Very nice.
Epcot is just a short walk away from the Dolphin hotel. You can also elect to take the water shuttle. Whatever you do, don’t take the Disney bus! Takes way too long!
Jen went along. Pics from the trip are below. We arrived at the park when it opened. The water shuttle drops you off around UK/France in “the world.” That’s a great place to start. (The world is closed until 11am.) We went straight to Test Track. No line! Rode it 3 times. The max amount of wait time we had for anything today was 20 minutes. Maximize the use of your fast pases!
Disney Dolphin and Epcot Photographs: Simple viewer | Postcard viewer

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