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Those do not disturb hotel signs

In September, Embassy Suites Hotels asked travelers to design a new generation of Do Not Disturb signs to hang on doors.
Five winners have been chosen from more than 7,000 entries, and the signs are due to be in Embassy Suites nationwide by next week.
“Shh! I’m hatching a plan to bust some little soaps out of here” won Marty Mintman of St. Louis a trip to Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk in Honolulu.
“Pillow Fight In Progress” earned Susan Suarez of University City, Mo., a stay at any Embassy Suites in the USA.
Other winning slogans and authors: “There are days when I wish I could wear this around my neck” from Sandra Parcher, Milpitas, Calif.; “I’ve built a pillow fort and I am not opening the door for anybody!” from Amy Forgette, Streamwood, Ill.; “Aww, Mom. Just five more minutes. Please?” from Brian White, Chicago.

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