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Ningning and myself traveled to Honolulu (Oahu island) to be married. Pastor Lovett performed the ceremony on Waikiki Beach. We were married at 9:15am today!

Born worlds apart and brought together in a world away.

Ningning (Shanghai, China) and Justin (Pennsylvania, USA) met in Tokyo, Japan. It started innocently enough at a leadership conference. They grew closer through traveling together, hanging out with the same shared friends, church activities, and visiting each others’ home country / city. Those group times turned into one-on-one dinners (were they called ‘dates’?) and one-on-one outings… more time spent with each other solidified the fact these two were meant to be one!

Ningning – known as Chloe to her American friends – and Justin share many interests. Photography, mountain hiking, snowboarding, cooking, international travel are enjoyed in common.

Living and working in a foreign country (both continued to live/work in Tokyo, Japan) made the wedding planning process a challenge. They exchanged vows with each other on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii on March 20, followed by several celebration events throughout the year with family and friends around the world: a party in Tokyo, Japan in April; a full ceremony in Florida in November, and a casual dinner in Shanghai, China.

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