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Canon 5d MK II shoots the House Finale

These are amazing times in the film/video industry. In late 2008 Canon introduced the Canon 5d Mark II to the industry. The camera arrived as a digital SLR with a full-frame sensor AND it shot HD (1080p) video. What has been achieved since then? Many videographers and studios are starting to switch to the 5d for its VIDEO capabilities. A new “revolution” of HDSLRs was born with the 5d. What do people love? The amazing depth of field that the 5d brings (everything feels so in your face) and being able to shot incredible video with a small, lite, mobile package. That amazing, shallow DOF creates focus pulling problems which is the downside (and Canon chose not to output 1080p video while shooting… SD only).
I learned today that House’s finale has been shot with the 5d. Wow! Greg Yaitanes, the exec. producer and also the director of the season finale of ‘House MD’ talks about shooting with the 5d in this interview. It is a good read for anybody using/considering the 5d.
Yes, Ningning and myself own one of these cameras and a few Canon L lenses. It is dramatic and fantastic what this little camera can do. This weekend we went away to Zushi (Japan) and took some biking video. Honestly, I am still learning the camera and that’s taking away from “telling the story.” But things are improving. The video will be online here soon. Stay tuned!
Want to see a personal example? We shot this Sakura video a couple weekends back entirely with the Canon 5d MKII. Enjoy and make sure to watch in HD.

Are you a 5d user? Take a look at this excellent 5D Idiot’s Guide FAQ which covers 5d firmware, hacks, workflow, cards, etc.

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