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Respecting those around you. Lose the mobile phone.

Japanese are polite especially when it comes to mobile phone usage. Talking on a mobile is prohibited in the metro/trains. You never see a Japanese person talking on the phone in restaurants and very rarely when walking down a street. They save conversations for private areas.
Americans- take note! It is wonderful not hearing other people’s conversations. I have molded to their ways and no longer use the mobile in public.
This morning, sitting at breakfast, was some American guy jabbing away, noisily, on his mobile. His mobile phone conversation was so “in your face” because I hadn’t heard something like this for weeks. It made me want to tell him how rude he was being.
Point is this: stay off your $*%& phone in public! It’s rude. Nobody cares to hear about how your little Lily is doing… and who is going to be the executor of some contract… blah blah. Be like the Japanese and take the call in private!

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