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Iketani Village

This past weekend I went to a small village in Japan – Iketani village to be precise — and helped in rehab efforts. (When I say small village I mean small, like 20 people or less small!) The village was destroyed by an earthquake about 5 years ago. Today, it is really just elderly people who live there. Rice farming is the regions profit-center, however, in this small village rice alone will never sustain the villagers.
A Japanese non-profit has been working to rehab the area for 5 years. NGO JEN brings teams of people to help plant/harvest the rice and also to help encourage the villagers. Teams come to improve houses and do some construction and rebuilding.

The artwork in the Iketani forest by the Keio students are featured in the world’s largest international arts festival! Impressive!!! View in ??? :: English

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