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Looking to visit Kōshien Stadium

Japan holds a national high-school baseball tournament that culminates in 15 days of games at Koshien Stadium. Koshien is the home to the Hanshin Tigers; it is located near Osaka in Nishinomiya (西宮市, Nishinomiya-shi).
I’m looking to go with a friend to watch the National High School Baseball Championship, commonly known as “Summer Kōshien”.
About Koshien Stadium:
This beautiful stadium was built in 1924. This stadium is the home ground of the professional base ball team, Hanshin Tigers. Also, every summer and spring, the National High School Baseball Championship Tournament is held in this stadium. Many high school baseball player dream of playing here. A seating capacity of this stadium is 53,000 people, and the area of the stadium is 39,600 square meters. Hanshin Tigers information center is also nearby.
* Get off at Hanshin Koshien station /1-82 Koshien-cho, Nishinomiya City /TEL 0798-47-1041
Here is a link to the official website of the tournament.

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