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Travel to London, LHR

Boarded an United Airlines jet to Washington Dulles (IAD). Arrived on-time (546 – sunrise in-route to IAD) and met mom. Traffic to Dulles, said mom, was terrible. She made the international flight to London Heathrow (LHR) with just 20 minutes to spare!

The flight to LHR departs on-time. Service onboard is fabulous. Breakfast consists of yogurt, a croissant, and french toast filled with maple cream and oranges. Lunch/dinner starts with a salad and nuts. Filet is served with potatoes and asparagus. Due to fog and low ceilings we circled the field for a half-hour. Still we arrive into Heathrow twenty minutes early.
Clearing customs was a breeze. ATMs are as easy here to use as in the USA. I extract

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