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London – Harrods, Tea at Caf

It’s arise time. Television here is terrible. Half the channels are foreign language – either Chinese or French. The other half are BBC something or another. There are no good news or sitcoms on. We plan our day: see Harrods and Buckingham palace and relax/get acquainted. Both Harrods and Buckingham Palace are within walking distance of the Park Tower.

Harrods at Knightsbridge was the first stop. This department store reminds me very much of Marshall Fields in Chicago. It’s a local store with literally everything. You can come here for your dry cleaning, fine jewelry, fresh foods and fruits, Prada/Gucci bags, electronics, men’s and women’s ware, artwork, musical instruments and everything in between. They have multiple restaurants inside. The escalator “shaft” is themed after Egyptians. (666-672) I find a travel book that says the Changing of the Guard only happens every other day and at 11:30. We trek over there

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