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Travel to Edinburgh and first take of Princess street

This morning is spent relaxing. The afternoon is spent traveling. We take the train Girvin-Ayr-Glasgow and board a train for Edinburgh.

It takes just an hour between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The scenery is very much like what we experienced on the London-Glasgow route. At Edinburgh we cab it from Edinburgh-Waverly to the Sheraton resort and spa. The hotel sits at Lothian and Bread street, just a block from Princess street – the central shopping area – the Michigan Ave (Chicago) or 5th Ave (New York) of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is best known for the Edinburgh castle. It sits atop a hill overlooking the city. We can view the castle from the lounge, however, our suite faces the opposite direction. Taking in the spa we wind down for the day.

Update: I returned in 2011 with my wife (read that blog post). Here’s the Sheraton hotel suite we had during that visit.

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